Political Asylum

Fresh Hate LP


Bändin ensimmäinen demo vuodelta 1983 nyt laadukkaana vinyylijulkaisuna. Liitettä yms. mukana, tottakai.

POLITICAL ASYLUM – “Fresh Hate” LP (Political Asylum were one of the most melodic Anarcho Punk bands, alongside with Zounds and Toxic Ephex. Formed in 1982 in Stirling, Scotland, they released a series of tapes, before having their first 7″ released on C.O.R. records in 1985. This is their very first demo tape, remastered and released for the first time on vinyl. 14 songs of their finest; tuneful punk rock with idealist lyrics, fantastic guitarwork and very melodic vocals. Comes with a full size 4 page insert and a postcard in a deluxe double-sided printed cover!)

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1983, 2022