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Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear LP


Nine years on from the stunning second album ‘same meat, different gravy’, lazy south london oi! legends hard skin return with not one but two albums. ‘why do birds suddenly appear’ is the female version of this soon to be household oi! classic. it features versions of the tracks from ‘on the balls’ but with with female vocals from becki bondage, joanna newsom, miki from lush, sandy from fucked up, veronica falls, beckie from chaos uk, alison from the kills, manda rin from bis, liela from duke spirit, debbie from the nuns / echobelly / curve, beth jeans houghton and alela diane. it’s 12 instant anthems about council estates, sausages, the kids, cunts, the filth and gipsy hill. the sound is massive, the songs catchy and they’ll stick in yer head for years. this is the first ever album to be released in both male and female form. TRACK LISTING. Side One. 1. Council Estate (with Marion Herbain & Roxanne Clifford). 2. The Man Who Ran The Town (with Joanna Newsom). 3. You Still Here? (with Miki Berenyi). 4. Crack On, Have A Booze (with Manda Rin). 5. Police Car (Chasing You) (with Liela Moss). 6. Another Terrace Anthem (with Mustard Gas). Side Two. 1. Sausage Man (with Debbie Smith). 2. We’re Gonna Do Them (with Beth Jeans Houghton). 3. The Kids Are Innocent (with Beki Bondage). 4. Two Bob Cunt (with Alela Diane). 5. That’s Bollocks Mate (with Beckie Chaos). 6. The Gipsy Hill (with Alison Mosshart). . Hard Skin, the most popular oi! punk band around, send a strong message to their massive fanbase of women by doing a collaboration record with a lot of very famous females who are huge fans of the band as people as well as as a band. They have redone their whole new classic album On The Balls but have let the ladies take over the main vocals! What could have turned out to be really funny is actually absolutely brilliant and another classic!

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