Fliehende Stürme

Fallen LP


Fliehende Stürme is a German punk band which emerged from the Stuttgart hardcore punk band Chaos Z (exists from 1980-1983). This name change was made because the band wrote new songs in a different style, more melancholic and gloomy, away from hardcore sound. Fallen is the third album and shortly after the completion Thomas Löhr died. “From defiance, and also to carry on somehow”, so Andreas Löhr, he finished the LP and it has become one of the best in my opinion. A lot of memories come on there when I listen to this record; love lost, drunkexzess, rage, etc….the perfect sound for all these things. The entire songs come not whining therefore, quite the contrary, most songs are characterized by anger and aggressiveness and lyrically of course again very emotional and personal to the point. The perfect interplay of lyrics, melody and atmosphere makes this band and this record so unique.

track list:

Alles Falsch 3:39
Spieler 4:49
Schneetreiben 5:57
Tag Der Armut 5:08
Zwei Namen 3:08
Springen 5:43
Gedankensudelei 4:00
Wolfsmensch 3:52
Schlagen 3:35
Es Gibt Mich Nicht 6:36

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