Wrong Boys

Il Suono É Distruzione 1982-1984 LP


Master tapes ripped with a Nakamichi 681ZX deck-audio.
Restored and mastered at Toxic Basement studio, Milano, Italy.

A1-A12: 1982 Wrong Boys demo tape. Recorded at Brown Studio;
B1-B2: from the 1984 Raptus – Negazione & Superamento compilation LP. Recorded at RTS, Pesaro;
B3-B6: from the 1983 Autogestione! compilation cassette;
B7-B14: previously unreleased 1982 tracks.

B7 is a cover song by Iggy and the Stooges;
B8 is a cover song by Ramones;
B9 is a cover song by Black Flag.

Regular edition of 200 copies out of 300 on black vinyl.
Includes a double-sided poster insert with pictures, flyers and original artwork.

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