Step Forward 12"



Komplikations are a three Punk band from Liege/Belgium influenced by 70‘s West Coast Bands like The Screamers and The Units. KOMPLIKATIONS feature unusual instrumentation by utilizing synthesizes instead of guitars.

These mutants feature synthesizers, drums and a manic singer spitting clean and simple Punk songs while retaining a frantic mixture of energy and power. The synth sound is great, the lyrics are tough and the screaming is not too distracting from the interesting melodies and textures of the music.

Every song has a catchy chorus that falls into these lovely little hypnotic deconstructions that build back up as the songs contiue. There’s not a world of difference between punk and new wave, but when listening to ‘Step Forward’ you can hear the two worlds totally collide.

If you’re into stuff like UNITS, SCREAMERS, LOST SOUNDS or NERVOUS GENDER, you’ll be all over this.

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