Die Atlantikschwimmer

Kassetto Fix LP


Black vinyl – limited to 200 copies!

Kulmbach in Bavaria, Germany is most famous for the impressive castle Plassenburg, which houses the largest tin soldier museum in the world and for its Bratwürste.

Their punk scene in the early 80s is only known to a few insiders. The tape label Kassetto Fix and the tape magazine Band-It featured mainly Punk / NDW bands from that area during that time.

In 1983, Die Atlantikschwimmer released their demo tape on Kassetto Fix (run by their singer Horst Toe). Named after an Avantgarde movie by Herbert Achternbusch, the trio played a melancholic but very danceable version of New Wave and Postpunk.

It‘s a homogeneous liaison of unbelievable great melodies, driving rhythms and razor sharp guitars and most suitable for fans of The Sound, Wire or The Chameleons. Songs like Ich Zeige Dir are a precursor of their underrated debut album on ZickZack, but this is a completely different story.

An early review of the demo tape by Die Atlantikschwimmer ended with this line “If you buy tapes and not this one, it’s your own fault!”.

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1983, 2020