Der Moderne Mann

Unmodern LP


Vuosina 1979-1984 toimineen Saksalaisen altsu/new wave-bändin toinen pitkäsoitto.

Black vinyl!

In the fall of 1979 the band Der Moderne Mann was founded in Hannover. After the release of the EP “Umsturz im Kinderzimmer” at Heile Welt Records the band was signed to the legendary NO FUN Records of Hollow Skai. The band’s debut album called “80 Tage auf See”, appeared in 1980. The reaction to this albumt was initially unenthusiastic.

In spring 1981 the single “Sandmann”/”Baggersee”. met more interest. The leading German music magazin “SOUNDS” attested that the quartet has been delivered with the single “a good piece of German pop music.”

“Unmodern” has been repressed now and contains as bonus the “Sandmann” EP!

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1982, 2019