Millions of Dead Cowboys LP


Millions Of Dead Cowboys are Mike Smith and David Dictor, who acoustically implement old and new songs by the US hardcore punk legend MDC.

Wonderfully calm, catchy and profound withDave’s unmistakably charismatic voice. Partly recorded acoustically, partly with electric guitar/bass and classics like ”John Wayne was a Nazi”, ”Corporate Deathburger” and ”Nazis Shouldn’t Drive”.

Folky country heavy radical rock that cannot and does not want to hide its punk roots, but temporarily takes the whole thing to a new level. What sounds like hippie campfire romance is much more singer-songwriter country at highest level with hits. From sad to angry to melancholic, with stories fromthe life of Dave and classic MDC smashers.

”Millions Of Dead Cowboys” comes with with 350g cover, textinlay and download code!

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