Hard Skin

We're The Fucking Business (Singles 1975-1977) LP


We’re the Fucking Business – Singles 1975 – 1977 is the latest collection of singles and other fucking classics from the one and only Hard Skin. It features the six amazing Oi anthems for the kids  on the street from the Do You Like Hospital Food 12″. The kids who fight for the working class. The kids who live for the weekend. The kids who’ve had their car nicked. The kids who wanna have a say but have nothing to say. In 2015 it’s crucial these songs are heard – they will change the way you think and drink. There are songs about Beer, Cars, The Old Bill and being proud of what you are!! If you love Sham 69 when they were good in 1978 – then this is for you. Also included are the two cuts from the long sold out Tour 7″ Saturday Night, A cover of ​Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat from the equally sold out Tour Split 7″, the B-Sides to the 1234 Go 7″ version of We are the Wankers, two live tracks from the Owl Sanctuary in Norwich and two new cuts recorded in July 2015 for another fucking 7″ that is amazing. Know what i mean??

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