Hard Skin

We're The Fucking George (Singles 1978-1981) LP


2012 and recession hits hard. Hard Skin need money. Johnny Takeaway’s. fruit and veg stall is fucked. you know what i mean?? proper fucked. His. kids need feeding and the missus is going mental. So over 10 pints and a. bag of pork scratchings they came up with the idea of starting their own. label. So here is record number one on JT Classics which does what is. says on the tin. Has Johnny Takeaway on it and is Classic. ‘We’re The. Fucking George – Singles 1978 – 1981’ has 15 tracks on it compiled from. singles and released between 1994 and 2011. The geezer who did the. artwork got the dates wrong and it was too fucking late to change.. In case you haven’t heard Hard Skin. You are missing out!! They are. fucking brilliant. It’s Oi! but done like the old days when it was good.. Ploddy, angry, basic and anthemic.. The LP doesn’t come with a download because real Skinheads don’t use. computers.

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