Despise You / Coke Bust

split EP


Two powerviolence monstrosities sharing the same disc, does it get any better than that?

For those so far uninitiated, ”powerviolence” is a hyper aggressive style of music taking its main cues from 80s hardcore punk, grindcore, and, oddly enough, certain styles of progressive rock. This means short songs at blinding speeds, blast beats, sludgy breakdowns and tempos that can shift on a dime. Half the fun of powerviolence, coming from an admitted superfan of the genre, is the twists and turns you get while listening to each 30 second burst of high-speed noise; you might think that you may be only getting two or three riffs per song with those kinds of lengths but in 30 seconds it’s easy to get blindsided by a half a dozen different riffs that don’t even share a similar tempo.

If you like fast, loud, simple and precise, enjoy yourself and give it a shot. There is a lot to enjoy here for folks who are looking for something punishing.

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